Our Trees

Heritage Wood view through leaves
A picture that shows what a Bird Cherry Tree looks like

Bird Cherry

The Bird Cherry has white flowers which appear around May time after the leaves. They grow in spikes and smell of almonds. Black fruit with a very sharp taste follow, which the birds enjoy. Attractive autumn leaf tints appear later in the year.

A picture that shows what a Field Maple Tree looks like

Field Maple.

The Field Maple. Newly opened leaves have a pinkish tinge at first before becoming dark green. Yellowish-green flowers appear in April -May. The tree has a pale brown wood, which is soft and fine grained. The leaves turn yellow in autumn and often have red or golden brown tones. As the tree isn't large enough to produce large timber it is used for turnery, marketry, and craft work

A picture that shows what a Horse ChestnutTree looks like

Horse Chestnut

The Horse Chestnut is a fine tree with a tall domed crown. The twigs are a redish-brown and the strikingly large winter buds are shiny brown and very sticky. The leaves have 5-7 leaflets, each 10-25 cm long obovate, shaped a little like a horseshoe. The tree has white and pink candle like flowers in May and of course bears conkers in the autumn.

A picture that shows what a Hornbeam Tree looks like


The bark of the Hornbeam is pale grey with vertical markings, sometimes with a short twisted trunk, which develops ridges with age. The leaves are a similar shape to beech leaves - oval, toothed and with pointed tips but beautifully ridged. Bears yellowish green catkins and produces fantastic colours in the autumn.

A picture that shows what a Lime Tree looks like

Lime tree

Lime trees have a smooth grey bark when a young tree which becomes darker with age. Their leaves have a dark shiny green surface and are paler and smooth below. The leaves are heart shaped. The blossom attracts bees and other insects. The flowers are white or pale yellow and fragrant.

A picture that shows what an English Oak Tree looks like

English Oak

The English Oak is a deep rooted, broad crowned, deciduous tree reaching 30m or more in height. It has a thick deeply fissured bark. Acorns are born singly or in groups of 2-5 and fall early in Autumn. Oak trees support the greatest variety of insects and other invertebrate life of all other British trees. It can be more than 500 different species.

A picture that shows what a Silver Birch Tree looks like

Silver Birch

The Silver Birch will grow up to 25m and is a particularly airy and graceful tree, from its distinctive white and black bark to its drooping fronds of delicate triangular shaped leaves. These leaves are soft green in Spring and rich yellow in Autumn. This tree has the unusual characteristic of growing mature bark which is even tougher than the timber within.

A picture that shows what a Whitebeam Tree looks like


Whitebeam. Silvery leaves with yellow down carried on purple shoots make a striking feature in spring. The foliage remains grey-green throughout the summer, with bunches of white flowers in late spring and dark red berries in autumn.

A scenic picture that displays a view of the woodland near the lake