Please adhere to our rules

1. Only ONE small garden ornament may be placed by the tree. Any additional items will be removed. (Height guide 20cm maximum)

2. No fences or borders of any kind are to be erected around the tree. We will remove these as they can potentially damage our maintenance vehicles and injure the operator.

3. No stones, gravel or slate is to be placed around the tree, these will be bagged up and removed.

4. No plastic/artificial flowers or plants. No solar lights, flags, windmills or wind chimes

5. A maximum of 2 flower holders per tree.

6. Only plaques provided by Heritage Wood may be placed by the tree. We only have one Heritage Wood plaque per tree.

7. Please do not attach anything to the trunk or branches of the tree. Do not put cable ties around your tree.

8.. You may if you wish create a small garden around your tree of approximately 91 cms (3 feet) in diameter. Please do not dig any deeper than 12cms/ 5 inches as you may damage the tree roots. Do not remove the soil as this allows water to puddle potentially damaging the tree.

9. You are welcome to plant bulbs around the tree, again taking care to avoid the tree roots.

10. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Please clear up after them and please do not let them disturb the wildlife or other visitors.

11. Litter. Please use the bins provided & separate your compostable & non compostable materials.

12. Cut flowers and wreaths. After a short time flowers & wreaths look sad and untidy, please remove them, however we reserve the right to remove them when appropriate. Please remove all wrappers.