Please adhere to our rules

1. Only one garden ornament/small ornament may be placed by the tree. (height guide approx 20cm) We will remove excess items.

2. No plastic or artificial flowers or plants of any kind are permitted. Our aim is to keep a natural looking woodland for everyone.

3. Do not place stones, gravel or slate, flags, windmills or solar lights around the tree. These easily get caught in our maintenance vehicles and often get damaged and can damage our equipment.

4. No fences or borders of any kind are to be erected around the tree. These will be removed, as again they may potentially damage our maintenance vehicles.

5. A maximum of 2 flower holders per tree please.

6. Only one plaque per tree and only plaques provided by Heritage Wood may be placed by the tree. Any others will be removed.

7. Please do not attach anything to the trunk or branches of the tree. Do not put cable ties around your tree.

8. You may create a small garden around your tree of approximately 3 feet (91 cms) in diameter.

9. You are welcome to plant bulbs around the tree, taking care to avoid the roots.

Anything left at your tree is done so at your own risk, please be aware that people are able to access the woods 24/7 .

We reserve the right to remove any items contravening our rules. These will be kept at our office, for what we consider a reasonable period of time, to allow you to collect them. We will not necessarily contact you in such circumstances.