How to sponsor

Be a part of our growing woodland

About Tree Sponsorship

Heritage Wood provides the perfect setting to visit and remember. By dedicating a tree you are creating a beautiful woodland retreat for yourself, your family and future generations to enjoy. A lasting, living memory. This can be a gift or to mark a special event or just for yourself and our planet. Our sponsors have dedicated trees to celebrate the arrival of new family members, weddings, birthdays and anniversarys.

How to choose a tree

​Any tree which does not have a plaque next to it is generally available for sponsorship. Please take a note of the letter and number allocated to each tree by the tag attached to the tree stake. On this tag you will also see the tree variety. This enables us to identify every tree in the wood.

Please make your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, just in case your chosen tree is awaiting its plaque to be put in place. Wherever possible we will try and accommodate your first choice. We welcome you to come and visit the office to discuss your requirements. If the office is not open, you can always fill in our Online Order Form below.

Check availability

If you would like to check availability of a tree, please telephone us during office hours on 01335 360488, or out of office hours you can send us an email to which we will respond to as soon as possible.

We can help choose

If you are not able to visit, either:

A. Complete the Standard Online order form below and in the tree selection, please state that you wish us to choose a tree for you. We will then contact you and advise you of the selection. Payment can be made by cheque via the post or by telephone by debit/credit card by calling 01335 360488.

B. Download, print off and fill in our PDF Order Form. When complete, please post or email it to us and we will select a tree for you. Payment can be made by cheque via the post or by telephone by debit/credit card by calling 01335 360488

How long does it take?

Once we have finalised your tree choice and payment has been made, after 7 to 14 days your personalised plaque will be in place beside your chosen tree.

As confirmation of this, you will receive a certificate through the post, along with a map showing the position of your tree within Heritage Wood.

How to locate the trees

The wood is sectioned in letters

Each section of the wood has a letter to help guide you to your dedicated tree.

To see what section you are in, most Trees have a tag with the letter and then a number on.

Plaque numbers

You may also check plaques as in the top left corner we have been putting the number on there too for a good few years.

Positioned in sight of the beautiful lake. Here, you may have your personalised plaque placed as a permanent dedication.

An Image of young trees planted in Heritage Wood in the DD section

Young trees in the DD section of the wood, May 2020